Transportation management systems, also known as freight management systems, can have a huge positive impact on your transportation and freight business. They help organize your systems, keep your reporting up to date, get your books ready for auditing and tax season, and a lot more. The benefits of these systems are incredible, and your transportation system only stands to gain from utilizing a TMS.

The logistics of a freight company can be overwhelming. That’s why utilizing a transpiration management software can be hugely beneficial and save you a ton of time.

You’ll get a huge benefit for your investment in the right transportation management system.

Below are 5 reasons to use a transportation management software for your company.

New Capabilities

A good TMS system allows you to completely optimize the way you ship and receive. You can set up inbound programs between multiple locations, create a master sheet of lading, create individual logins within your locations, and more. You can turn multiple locations and multiple decision points into an efficient and linked flow which will open many doors for you.

24/7 Tracking

Don’t be in the dark about your shipments or have to wait for check ins at different points. With a robust TMS you can track your shipments in real time 24/7. This means fewer lost shipments and late shipments can be anticipated through tracking efforts.

Increased Customer Service

The reporting and analytics feature of your TMS will be of huge benefit as you’re making choices within that TMS that affect your customers and users. You will have better options for making choices around shipping LTL, have a view on time processing shipments, carrier choices, shipping cost options, transit cost options, insurance options, and more.

Inventory Reductions

You can have confidence that your customers are receiving their correct shipments on time which allows you to have a more accurate read on your inventory expectations. You can create an accurate forecast of inventory and budget correctly.

Cash Flow Improvements

Auditing and consolidation services are much easier under a TMS. You can reduce your invoice cost by up to 10% and save money on accounting services by keeping accurate records throughout your work.

Related Questions

What’s the most valuable TMS functionality?

This will depend on your specific needs, but the routing and scheduling features prove to be among the most beneficial across the board.

Does this allow me to compare prices on carriers?

Yes! One of the best benefits of a TMS is the freedom you have in shopping around for carriers at the best rates. You also have the ability to shop for other costs like insurance.

Talk to a professional about getting a TMS integrated into your system to help boost your efficiency, logistics, customer service, and every other aspect of your freight business.

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