Air freight forwarder software helps freight forwarders reduce costs and increase efficiencies, as well as provide better customer service. Traditionally, the air freight business has relied on paperwork and telephone bookings, which are inefficient in this age of technological disruption.

Air freight software provides the opportunity to improve service and efficiency with electronic booking.

It also provides constant visibility of shipments, manages “for hire” transporters, makes customs compliance easier and provides automated customer connectivity.

What are Some of the Key Benefits of Air Freight Forwarding Software?

The air freight forwarder business continues to grow more competitive. As technology advances, those who employ air freight forwarder software will gain the edge with faster bookings and shorter transportation times. The software ensures fast customs clearance. Customers will naturally shift to the forwarders who can ship product in the least amount of time. Freight forwarders will also save money from the more efficient processes.

Freight forwarders also benefit from the 360-degree visibility of all shipments. This allows them to provide customers with up to the minute information about freight and manage any delays. The software can be used to connect automatically with the customer and provide the status of shipments. Freight forwarders also benefit from the ability to manage “for hire” transporters and create metrics and reports regarding performance. This makes it easier to reward more efficient transporters with future business and better judge if the service level matches the cost.

Manual Processes and Data Entry

From the beginning of the air cargo industry, shippers have relied on a paperwork intensive process of negotiating rates. Rates would then have to be manually recorded. When orders needed fulfillment, workers had to use a manual process to sort through available shippers and estimate which one provided the best value. The lowest price is not always the best choice but determining which transporter could perform the job well for the fairest cost took some doing.

The process has yet to evolve a great deal, despite the rapid advances in computer technology. Most air cargo shipments are still made by telephone. Freight forwarders can improve on speed and efficiency by using freight forwarder software to book electronically.

Once this process is shifted to the software, labor time and costs are immediately reduced. Since the orders are placed immediately, shipment delays at this stage of the process become a thing of the past. Automated processes also eliminate data entry errors, preventing costly mistakes.

Benchmarking and Reporting

Constant visibility is important for freight forwarders, shippers, consignees and customers. Freight forwarder software integrates with the systems of all stakeholder entities, so they are constantly apprised of the shipment’s status, allowing for a seamless process from start to proof of delivery.

Air freight forwarders need to judge service quality and create quality benchmarks, such as pickup and delivery times. What benchmark is appropriate for each situation? In the pre air freight forwarder software era, this wasn’t always easy to determine. Air freight forwarder software aggregates data and creates reports that allow freight forwarders to determine accurate benchmarks and then score vendors according to performance levels.

Customs Compliance

Many countries have introduced new regulatory requirements. The result has been increased bottlenecks that result in air shipments sitting in customs for even longer. So often, this customs problem comes down to paperwork. Air freight forwarder software allows information to be sent to customs authorities electronically, saving precious time. In many customs operations, the smallest detail out of place results in inordinate delays. Air freight forwarder software keeps these details the perfect order that makes customs officials smile.

Trading Partner Connectivity

Connectivity with trading partners allows for seamless processes, though the complexity of connecting with their trading community discourages many logistics providers. Mapping processes according to each trading partners’ protocols is time consuming and adds to costs. However, as automation increases, trading partner connectivity becomes simpler to achieve. Air freight forwarder software allows freight forwarders to more easily set up interactive communication across the supply chain.

Technology continues to automate more processes in every industry. Systems across entire supply chains can now be integrated. This provides rapid communication and reduces the burden of administrative tasks. Many processes in the air freight forwarding process can also be automated, making shipping faster and more cost-effective. In time, even customs may automate processes, making for rapid transport around the globe.

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