Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to advance, setting the stage for businesses to operate with never before seen efficiency. Air freight forwarders are perfectly positioned to benefit from this trend in technology. Those who employ the software can boost productivity, uncover more business opportunities and trim expenses. They also create more effective customer support systems, allowing for key performance indicator (KPI) improvement across all aspects of the business, such as on-time deliveries and booked orders.

Air Freight Forwarder Software can take your freight business to new heights, beginning with profits.

Automation is the Game Changer

Labor intensive administrative processes add to overhead and bury employees with tasks that prevent them from engaging in revenue enhancing activities, such as business development. Air freight forwarder software automates core activities, including order booking and quoting. Often, employees must spend enormous amounts of time preparing quotations that result in only a modest increase in revenue. By automating the process, labor is no longer required, and more quotes can be generated, which can ultimately lead to higher sales.

Real Time Freight Tracking

One of the most important features of air freight forwarder software is real time freight tracking. The system provides an interactive display where users can see their entire air freight operation. Employees and customers receive updates if a change occurs, such as a delay in shipment or cargo passing through customs. This saves time because employees no longer must constantly monitor screens. Instead, staff can focus on higher priority tasks. When an alert comes in, employees can handle it from the terminal. They can also dispatch drivers from the system, reducing lost time from telephone and email communication.

Permissions allow companies to silo data, so employees and customers see only the information needed for their jobs.


Lots of time is lost in manually tracking dispatch requests and dispatch orders. Air freight software offers dispatch systems that automatically store all recurring pickups. As a result, freight forwarders know their drivers are always dispatched at the right time every time. Air freight software also offers online air freight dispatch. Agent settlements can also be automated, saving cost on all recurring dispatches.

Automatic Bill Entry

Up to now, data entry has been a necessary cost center. There were few options for controlling the overhead created by labor-intensive data entry. Freight forwarding software provides the solution.
Automatic bill entry generates all types of bills without the need for manual processes. The software stores the bills in the system, which prevents them from being lost or damaged and eliminating the need for storing vast reams of paper files.


In the age of data, it’s important to utilize your company’s software to establish metrics that enhance business performance. Air freight forwarder software includes accounting systems that integrate with the rest of the operation. Because of this, financial metrics are automatically created. Managers can then research and track different metrics to improve KPIs. Detailed reports can be produced that look closely at various parts of the business. Alternatively, broad and global views can also be created, providing the macro view that shows how the different parts of the company function together.


Integrated accounting software also makes the management of routine accounting tasks more efficient and accurate. The accounting department has no need to access different systems to locate needed data. Data retrieval is simplified and all accounting functions can be performed with the software, including invoice entry, accounts payable, payroll and general ledger tasks. Even vehicle maintenance, fuel and mileage reporting and driver settlement logs are seamlessly handled through air freight forwarder software.

Customer Support

Access to 24-hour emergency support is a huge advantage for air freight forwarders. Freight never sleeps, and breakdowns can lead to a disaster that takes days to sort out. Freight forwarder software comes with around the clock access to customer support. A call to emergency support can prevent catastrophe and ensure your network continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Air freight forward software has modernized the freight forwarding business, eliminating reams of paperwork, time consuming telephone calls and the headaches of manually managing multiple price comparisons. With air freight software, freight forwarders automate rote processes and shift their focus to enhancing customer service and increasing business development.

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