Because technology is evolving so rapidly, it has taken just a few short years for the term the Cloud to make its way into everyday language. In essence, the Cloud refers to networks and servers that store data offsite. The business of managing the network is handled by the hosting company, not the businesses that own the data.

Most freight forwarders don’t have space, time or IT staffers to manage large networks and fix all the incumbent problems that come with them.

However, freight forwarders need the advantages provided by sophisticated networks. This makes Cloud-based freight forwarder software the ideal choice.

Why freight forwarder software is so important?

Freight forwarding continues to become more competitive. The business has always relied on fast delivery, but, with freight forwarder software, deliveries can now be made more efficient. As a result, freight forwarders that utilize freight forwarder software have leapt ahead of the competition. They provide faster deliveries by automating time-consuming processes.

As a result, customers are happier because of lower lead times, lower prices and more secure shipping. In addition, inventory management capabilities improve, allowing for leaner stocks. The time saved through task automation allows employees to focus on revenue-enhancing activities, while through insight into costs the software opens the door to cost-savings opportunities.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

For freight forwarders, cloud-based freight management software provides the ideal setup. Managing internal IT systems is time consuming and fraught with perils ranging from security breaches to failed updates to mysterious bugs. Having to worry about these issues takes away from freight forwarding, which is the core competency of the company and its bread and butter. Why not outsource all these technical issues, so your company can focus on what it does best?

Remote access

Cloud-based software allows your company to cut the cord. Employees are no longer tied to a physical location. With full access at any time from any location, employees can provide enhanced customer service, increase internal collaboration and be more productive. When logistics can be managed remotely, it becomes possible to handle any problems immediately, rather than having to wait until you return to the office. In addition, Cloud based software allows for direct communication with customers and employees, reducing dependence on slower forms of communication, such as telephones and text messages.

Less stress about technical issues

Since the software host handles the technical issue, an in-office IT team is not necessary. This saves big on payroll costs. IT is a cost center, so the ability to cut out these jobs allows the company to hire more employees in profit centers, such as sales. In fact, the software host provides its own dedicated team that maintains the software, as well as providing technical support and training. This frees the company from having to hire, train and supervise IT employees. When a technical question arises, the answer is just a phone call away.

Reduced technology costs

In addition to saving on labor costs, Cloud based freight forwarder software reduces outlays for technology. With a Cloud based system, your company need not buy expensive hardware in order to setup the software and store data. The savings can be applied to profit centers.

Security and file recovery

Hackers are endlessly inventing new ways to exploit weaknesses in cybersecurity. With an onsite system, the company must handle its own security, and few freight forwarders can afford cybersecurity experts to protect their system 24/7. With a cloud-based system, the software host handles security. These technology companies employ the security experts you need and are constantly updating the security system to respond to new threats.

A leveler for small businesses

Cloud based software levels the playing field for small businesses. In today’s tech driven business world, lack of access to the latest software is a competitive disadvantage that can lead to higher expenses and lower profits. Since Cloud based software takes away the need for a large technology infrastructure investment, small businesses can compete with the larger enterprises.

Freight forwarders exist in a competitive landscape where efficiency, cost reductions and customer satisfaction must all be priorities. Cloud based freight forwarder software provides the tools they need to manage logistics pipelines efficiently and effectively while controlling costs. Because no large investment in technology is required, Cloud based freight forwarding software pays for itself almost immediately.

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