The old days of managing freight forwarding through reams of paperwork and telephone bookings are slowly coming to a close. Freight forwarder software has helped logistics companies reduce costs, increase efficiencies and provide superior customer service. The freight forwarders who employ this technology have seized a game changing technology.

Freight companies have a competitive edge with air freight forwarder software for many reasons.

In business, better service and better price are usually mutually exclusive. Technological innovation is changing that. Automation has the power to vastly increase process speeds and task accuracy while reducing labor costs. This paradigm shift has hit the air freight forwarding business through air freight forwarding software.

What are Some of the Key Benefits of Freight Forwarding Software?

Competition in the freight forwarder business continues to intensify. For example, air freight forwarders need every edge in achieving faster bookings while bidding lower rates. Air freight forwarder software makes this possible, so customers will naturally shift to the forwarders who effectively utilize this technology. In addition, the increased efficiency adds the air freight forwarder’s bottom line.

Also, ocean freight forwarding software achieves superior customer service in several ways. It aids in clearing customs faster, a key edge that gets freight delivered faster than the competition. The software also provides 360-degree visibility of all shipments. This allows ocean freight forwarders to offer their customers real-time freight tracking.

Freight forwarders use this technology to monitor shipments. For example, all shipments are shown on a computer screen. If on track, the shipments show in green; when they fall off schedule, the delay is indicated in red, promoting customer service people to take action. The monitoring system can also be integrated into the client’s technology infrastructure, allowing customers to monitor their own shipments.

Another reason for employing freight-forwarder software is for-hire-transporter management. Agreed upon rates can be entered into the system. A single screen view shows which transporters offer the most competitive pricing. The process of hiring transporters can also be automated. Contract information can be stored for easy access. In addition, logistics software provides a mechanism for evaluating transporter performance. Logistics companies can use the software to create metrics and generate performance reports. This analysis makes it simpler to determine the more efficient and cost-effective transporters and complete a cost benefit analysis of each.

Manual Processes and Data Entry

Despite the advances in freight-forwarder software, adoption has yet to become the norm. As a result, companies still have the opportunity to grasp the benefits of being an early adopter. Early adopters surge ahead of the competition by reducing rates and promising faster delivery times, which grows their market share.

Those without the software have the disadvantage of relying on paperwork intensive processes for rate negotiation, which must then be manually recorded. When orders come in, workers must manually sort through shippers’ rates and, under time pressure, estimate which offers the best value. The lowest price is not always the best choice.

Without access to freight forwarder software, workers struggle to determine which transporter can do the job effectively for the most reasonable cost. Air freight forwarder software, for example, puts the tools in their hands to make the best decision based on easily viewable freight rates and metrics that show carrier performance under different circumstances.

Once the best values are determined, repeat orders can be placed automatically. This avoids shipping delays at the order entry point and eliminates data entry errors. Customers also like automatic orders because it saves time on their end. Because of air freight forwarder software’s ability to integrate across the supply chain, they enjoy a truly hands-off experience.

Bringing the supply chain together

A primary advantage of freight forwarder software is its ability to integrate across the entire supply chain, from freight forwarders to shippers to consignees to customers. Each part of the supply chain has total visibility for the shipments they are involved with. This fosters communication and prevents the delays that occur because of a lack of visibility.

We have entered an era of universal technological disruption. Even industries that never before relied on high technology are finding themselves pulled into a new competitive landscape where technology increasingly defines rules. Being an early adopter puts companies in the advantage position relative to the competition. The implementation of freight forwarder software makes your company an early adopter right now.

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