For over 35 years, we have been offering turn-key software advantages for the freight forwarder industry domestically and internationally. CSA software has always strived to continuously improve our product tools, because of the valuable feedback received from our customers.

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based freight forwarder software tools are ideal for industries including; freight forwarding, air freight, ocean freight, transportation management, and logistics companies. Our logistics software helps companies efficiently manage their freight services.

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The best logistics software includes several tools that are required to productively operate any freight forwarder business.

Modern freight forwarder tracking software affords a macro view of the entire shipment portfolio that includes all carriers.
Freight forwarders are able to actively monitor data obtained from employees, carriers, and systems. Today, managers responsible for transportation are extremely productive as they can visually identify shipments from all carries on a single software platform.

Organizations integrate freight forwarder software to identify shipments by trucks including LTL’s in real-time. This enables managers to react quickly if a truck is delayed and understand why. Issues such as mechanical problems and inclement weather are some examples. Taking appropriate steps to limit potential problems, is critical to operating efficiently, and technologically advanced software will help do just that!



Easy to Use

Learn why our software is intuitive and flexible for any freight business. Our customers have cut their training costs significantly when switching to CSA software’s freight forwarder solutions. Call today and find out how you can save money!

Technological developments afford freight forwarders advantages to increase productivity and profits. A major benefit of freight forwarder software is the ability to integrate your Transportation Management Systems (TMS) with accurate data at your fingertips.

Several forwarders embrace API, connections and web interfaces. By optimizing these software platforms with advanced cloud-based enterprise options, freight forwarders are able to quickly and effectively increase their bottom line.

Managed Software and Support

You have enough to do while running your business. Leave the technical aspects to CSA Software’s experienced staff. We will monitor several critical services including security, backups, up-time, and of course software upgrades. Our versatile software affords you the ability to host via SAAS, on-site, and private cloud-based!

Creating a streamlined workflow, freight software enables fast, and smarter decision making to optimize shipments. By using the latest technology in software, the entire team can better manage their shipping rates, options, and most importantly control cost.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Today more than ever, companies must be able to access their data anywhere and at any time. Our logistics software is available on the go, you just need an internet connection. Today more than ever cloud-based logistics software makes it easier to view your entire transportation network 24/7. Our business is constantly connected which provides freight forwarders the ability to manage shipments, and increase efficiency on the go!

Comprehensive software

Logistics solutions that integrate domestic, international, warehousing, and accounting systems in one cloud-based platform. More importantly, these products must eliminate time consuming data entry and high labor costs. Further, the best freight forwarder software also minimizes errors, improves efficiently and enables individuals to quickly identify the most effective solution.


We offer a full-suite of software products. Please contact us if you have any questions!



Freight forwarder software enables transportation managers to understand in real-time the status of their shipments including air, rail, and truck. Utilizing the software to verify shipments have been picked up on-time and are at their proper location, is paramount. Managers are also able to see scanning events, package tracking, and in many cases product information.

The benefits of freight forwarder software are truly endless. For example, logistics software also delivers important file management abilities that simplified the storage of documents. The integration of file management provides simple uploading and organization of all attachments related to the shipment. This can include claims, bills of lading, images, and more.

Reporting on a macro level down to specific details, is an important function of any freight forwarder management system. This information can make the difference between on-time shipment and profitability. Many common reports include carrier metrics (such as late delivery reports), percentage of on-time delivery, and overall carrier rating. Analyzing this information can identify the overall effectiveness of the transportation network while highlighting areas requiring improvement.

We help our clients maximize their software, which includes separating user role access based on desired objectives. With so many options, freight forwarders can get overwhelmed with data. Our professional support team works closely with stakeholders to provide specific data to relevant users. Several options include setting permissions which limits or affords access to those who need it. The ability to quickly scan data to make important decisions, has never been easier! User role examples include accounting for viewing financial data that reports income and expenses in a format that is understandable. Alternatively, transportation managers may need to view real-time shipment data to avoid potential problems or to confirm on-time deliveries.

Freight forwarder software is constantly evolving and so is our logistics company. New technology affords our experienced team to improve data aggregation, real-time data reporting, and shipment tracking. Our transportation management software can help freight businesses of all sizes. Opportunities are easily identified through advanced data and analytics, geared to improve and grow profits, while managing cost. The advancement in logistics software is evident, as freight forwarders who embrace new technology are more efficient than their competitors!

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“CSA is an integral partner in the success of NGT. CSA goes above and beyond the call of duty and hones in on what our needs are in order to keep us running smoothly. We look forward to a long and continued relationship with CSA!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does CSA Software offer?

CSA Software provides Cloud-based, end to end freight management software solutions that run every aspect of a domestic or international freight business utilizing the latest in Microsoft technologies. See our “Products” page for a complete list.

So why should we do business with CSA Software?

Because not only do we offer the best product in the industry – we also care about our relationships. We have assisted many of our customers above and beyond the call of duty and helped them through difficult times. We have helped a number of start up organizations find their place in the industry. We are as concerned with the relationship as much as we are the product. Our customers know that we have their back! That is what makes us different.

How do your products compare to those from other freight forwarding software providers?

CSA Software’s resources and capabilities allow us to have the competitive advantage over our competitors. Not only do we have over 35 years of freight forwarding software development experience, but our customer base, and our industry experienced staff’s knowledge allow us to stay on the forefront of the transportation industry trends. The combination of cutting edge technical and industry expertise makes our software much more powerful than our competitors.

How often do you release new items?

We have major releases every 12-18 months with other updates provided several times yearly.

As a current user, do I receive updates of the CSA Products?

All customers receive updates in addition to the telephone and electronic customer support provided.

What interfaces do you provide with other vendors?

CSA’s software has multiple electronic interfaces (see add on interfaces page), that will help you easily communicate with your trading partners and thus speed productivity and shipment transit time. With CSA’s Cloud- based technology, we can easily develop any additional interfaces that you may require.

How long have you been around?

Over 35 years.

Who are your customers?

CSA’s customers range in size from one to several hundred users. Our customers are experts in all areas of the transportation and logistics industry, from domestic and international freight forwarding, to warehousing and total logistics.

I think I might have previously used CSA’s older version, Air-Trak. What’s different about your new product World Trak?

First of all, the technology utilized to develop World-Trak is completely different. It is state of the art Cloud-based technology. Because it is Cloud-based, the hardware and software requirements are much less costly. In fact, the technology is so flexible, that we can easily offer you the ability to install it on your own server, or on the “cloud”, whichever makes more sense for you.

World-Trak was a complete re-design from start to finish. We took a long look at our popular Air-Trak product and asked ourselves how we could make it even better. World-Trak truly offers a simple, but effective way to handle all modes of transportation for your clients.

World-Trak takes a big step forward when it comes to handling ground shipments. If you were using Air-Trak you might have found it somewhat difficult to handle LTL and Truckload transactions. World-Trak offers a state-of-the art LTL rating and booking engine, a fully functional Truckload Brokerage system and an extensive International system in addition to the domestic freight forwarding functionality you have relied on for years.

What is the learning curve to use World-Trak?

CSA Software is intended to be very easy to use, because our founder, Chuck Schubert, found other software providers’ solutions to be exceedingly complex and difficult to use. It is a very unique blend of ease of use and technical functionality. .Some customers have told us they are up and running with CSA in a matter of days or even less out of the box once training is completed.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

First of all, our support team is a highly capable group who care deeply about our customers. They provide in-depth and personalized customer support, which sets us apart from the typical software company. Our in-house designers and specialists spend a significant amount of time working with customers to maximize the capabilities of CSA Software Products for their unique usage. We also have, over the years, used input from customers to shape new versions and capabilities of our software.

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