Sometimes great things come in small(er) packages. If you’ve got a freight forwarding business but aren’t using software to help track and manage LTL shipments, you may be missing out on additional shipments. Calculating the best rates per carrier can be tricky as can helping your customers take control of their inventory. Not to mention, LTL shipments come with unique worries and delays given the nature of their travel.

Luckily, freight forwarding software helps manage these headaches for the sake of your business, your customer, and your peace of mind.

So what are the benefits of using freight forwarding software?

From growing your business to boosting customer success, we’re outlining everything that top software systems can do for your business when it comes to handling LTL shipments. Stay tuned and stay moving.

Compare Rates

If you’ve got smaller loads, LTL shipping is often the most economical option. But how can you ensure you’re finding the best rate each time? Software systems allow you to shop and compare rates of direct carriers. Do you use a carrier or 3PL that’s not in the software? Top-rated programs will add any additional carriers for your convenience.

You’re in the business of making smart financial decisions. So let freight forwarding software systems help you crunch the numbers and make those tough choices.

Automate Status Updates

We live in an age of instant gratification. Live updates increase efficiency, transparency, and, frankly, are what your customer expects in the 21st century. LTL shipments are certainly a unique beast when it comes to on-time delivery. But with freight forwarding software, you can track the status of your shipments in real-time. Reduce questions and confusion with updates designed for your benefit.

Customer Success

Tip for all business owners – your customers are the happiest when they are (or feel) in control. Luckily, freight forwarding software can put customers in the driver’s seat and help customers make the best financial decisions for themselves. With software such as LTL-Trak, customers can select carriers if you choose or utilize the rate engine for internal LTL moves or freight forwarder routing. Customer satisfaction often means customer transparency. Give customers that transparency with rate comparison created for their eyes.

Book Shipments – Fast!

Software also helps reduce tedious tasks that take time away from big picture strategy and business development decisions. Reduce busywork by using software that allows for easy electronic booking…ideally with one click and no dual entry!

Create & Send Labels

As all freight professionals know, when it comes to LTL shipments, attaching a copy of the BOL to each piece is a must. Software systems can quickly create BOL and labels as well as email copies to customers. Increase efficiency, transparency, and give yourself a little insurance by ensuring every label is prepared and shared receipt-style. Make your life easier and ensure your customers trust your business to properly care for their smaller shipments.

Simplify Tariffs

Let’s face it, tariffs can be a massive headache. That’s why most freight forwarding software systems use direct interfaces with online carrier rate engines to simplify tariff management. Don’t let the complexities of tariff management derail your whole day. A rule of thumb with freight forwarding software, if it’s a mundane or time-sucking task, there’s an interface out there that automates it (or at least simplifies!).


To increase the efficiency and transparency of your LTL shipments, consider freight forwarding software. With software such as LTL-Trak, your best shipments are ahead.

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