While it’s a cliché and age-old saying, when it comes to running a business, this adage remains true: time is money. Customer relationships take time, storage takes time, tracking shipment details takes time, managing clients takes time, and labor delegation takes time. With warehouse management software systems like WMS-Trak, you can save time on all of the above areas and focus on big-picture decisions that will help to grow your business.

So how can WMS-Trak help freight forwarders?

We understand that handling the logistics behind logistics is tricky, so we’re breaking down every way WMS-Trak will save you money and improve the crux of your business – customer service. Stay tuned.

What Is WMS-Trak?

WMS-Trak is your one-stop-shop for warehouse management. Let’s face it. Warehouse management is one of the most thankless and time-consuming aspects of your job as a freight forwarder. There are endless products to keep track of and customers always have questions about where a product is in shipping and what’s currently available. Warehouse management software systems like WMS-Trak add efficiency to the storage and shipment process. How? Let’s talk details.


Warehouse operations shouldn’t be a mystery to customers. It’s their product and their money. With WMS-Trak, customers can see what inventory is available, where their product is in transport, and the status of their online shipping requests. This level of transparency also helps build trust amongst clients and ultimately improve your relationship with them. There’s no secrets and no confusion. And at the end of the day, customers without questions are happy customers who will continue to invest in your services.

Client Management

Multiple clients and multiple warehouses shouldn’t mean multiple tracking systems. WMS-Trak allows you to manage multiple clients across various warehouses from a singular software system. Staying organized as a large company is essential for maintaining orders and ultimately satisfying a customer’s needs. Having one system to manage workflow across multiple entities is not only convenient, software systems such as WMS-Trak reduce shipment errors and missteps in communication.

Don’t spend hours searching for a customer’s product – have the answers on-hand with an online, holistic view of your operations. This comprehensive view makes WMS-Trak the ultimate one-stop-shop for success.

Smart Delegation

With a comprehensive overview of your business, you can quickly determine how to best align your resources to satisfy customer requests, making employee management easier and ensuring each task is completed with efficiency.


Start small, think big, scale quickly. If you’ve landed on this page, you likely already understand the importance of scale. But it is worth noting that freight forwarding software systems like WMS-Trak help you automate tasks like customer invoicing. In the same vein of resource allocation, your labor force shouldn’t be allocated to something as easily automated as invoicing.

Let WMS-Trak take the reins so you can allocate your attention elsewhere. Build relationships with new partners, design new systems for efficiency and expansion, or simply take the extra time to relax and recharge.

Related Questions

What about system integration?

Software systems like WMS-Trak shouldn’t add to your existing software. WMS-Trak is designed for seamless transference to the World-Trak operations module.


Every feature of warehouse management software supports one end goal – customer service. Transparency, organization, labor delegation, efficiency, and automation all work to benefit your customers with the premium service they deserve. Don’t let competitors overtake you with something a simple software system can help enhance.

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