Freight forwarder software is improving the way shipments, customer service, accounting and overall management are conducted. These improvements result in increased efficiencies, reductions in labor-intensive tasks and opportunities to enhance revenues.

Freight forwarder software integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and simplifies accounting processes. It also provides real time tracking of all freight shipments on a user-friendly display.

Because of these new capabilities, freight forwarder software offers users previously unavailable options for increasing the bottom line.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management Systems

Today’s freight forwarder software offers integrated CRM tools that are capable of managing the entire client life cycle, from the sales funnel to order processing to accounting. Because the CRM is integrated with operations systems, no data silos are created. The flow of information is controlled through permissions, allowing different departments and employees to access only relevant data.

CRM integration creates efficiencies by eliminating the need to navigate back and forth between different systems. Each customer’s data is stored in one convenient place, giving management a bird’s eye view of each account’s performance. This opens opportunities for creating winning account growth approaches.

Integrated CRMs also link to customer IT systems. This feature allows clients to view their shipments in real time. Clients also receive automatic status updates, such as notification if a shipment has been delayed. Clients love the convenience of these integrated systems and are coming to expect this level of technological sophistication.

Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ERP systems create efficiencies and enhance resource allocation. With freight forwarder software that includes an ERP, quotations take seconds. Quote generation has traditionally been a labor-intensive task that produces often uncertain results. With freight forwarder software, the time drain of the quotation process is eliminated. Advanced rate management modules provide near instant quotes through the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Activity Tracking

Freight forwarder ERP systems provide real time data, allowing employees to manage shipments, chat with colleagues and update clients from one place. In addition, all activity is logged and tracked. This data provides the metrics that managers need to improve operations, enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

Industry Specific Accounting Systems

Every industry has unique requirements, so why use a generic accounting system that is inefficient? Freight forwarder software offers accounting systems that make the financial management of freight forwarding businesses a snap. Freight forwarder software also provides user-friendly access to accounting data via financial dashboards.

Document Management

Advanced ERP systems automatically store all documentation. No need for paper files or clunky legacy systems. The power of artificial intelligence keeps all documents safe and provides rapid access.

Tracking for All Types of Orders

Freight forwarder software tracks all types of freight: land, sea, air and LTL. As shipments move through multiple transportation modes, they are seamlessly tracked on one detailed and user-friendly display.


Invoicing used to be a time-consuming process for the accounting department. With freight forwarder software, the invoicing process is largely automated. With each sale, invoices are created that contain all the relevant details. In addition, employees can access invoices through the software in seconds.

Advanced Reports

Business continues to become more data driven and freight forwarding offers no exception. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can aggregate data and provide analysis that reveals how efficiently and profitably a freight forwarding business is functioning. These reports make it possible for managers to improve operations by identifying inefficiencies, process bottlenecks and revenue enhancement opportunities.

Tax Compliant Platform

Taxes can take a toll on profit margins. The last thing you want is tax trouble to make matters worse. Freight forwarder software ensures that you business stays in compliance on every order.

The freight forwarder business has always been competitive. With the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic damage, it has become even tougher. Thankfully, advances in software technology provide an opportunity for freight forwarders to streamline operations. Once time-intensive tasks, such as quoting, can be automated, allowing for near instantaneous completion.

In addition, freight forwarder software provides instant access to a 360-degree view of all freight, which integrates with customer IT systems, providing a superior client experience. By using freight forwarder software to trim expenses while enhancing customer service, freight forwarders can gain the efficiencies needed to compete in tight markets.

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