LTL shipments require a fair amount of administrative work. Freight space must be managed carefully to ensure maximization and route planning can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automate these time-consuming tasks? Now, thanks to freight forwarder software for LTL shipments, there is a way to reduce costs while discovering ways to boost profits from LTL routes.

Before LTL freight forwarder software, employees were forced to spend hours on the phone each day comparing rates and prices.

When managing LTL business, this is a significant drain on resources. Now they can use freight forwarder software to upload contracted rates and automate the shopping process. This allows the company to get the most attractive rates from carriers without spending hours on grunt work. The increased efficiencies go right to the bottom line.

If you want to enhance productivity, provide superior customer service and trim the fat, LTL freight forwarder software provides the means. Here are the key benefits of these affordable systems.

Saves time

In previous eras, freight forwarder company employees spent hours each day requesting quotes, comparison shopping, booking orders and tracking shipments. When dealing with a large number of LTL shipments, this adds to cost and makes the freight forwarder less competitive. By fully automating these processes, LTL freight software eliminates the need for employees to spend valuable time on these tasks. They can focus more on customer service and business development, allowing the company to both cut costs and boost revenues.

Real time tracking

When dependent on telephone calls and outmoded technologies, knowing precisely where freight is at a certain time is impossible. By utilizing the software, freight forwarders know the location and status of each LTL freight order. Orders are visible in a live display that shows which shipments are on time and sends alerts when an order encounters a delay. This allows LTL freight forwarders to intervene when shipments are delayed, enhancing customer service and reputation.

Customer service

Often, customers must know the exact status of their freight right away. LTL freight forwarder software makes fulfilling these requests easy. The software integrates with the customer’s, making it possible for them to track their shipments with the click of a mouse at any time. Staff can focus on higher priority tasks, such as getting shipments expedited.

Automated recurring dispatch

With LTL freight forwarder software, there is no need to manually track dispatch requests or recurring dispatch orders. The software saves all recurring orders. It automatically dispatches drivers accurately every time. Online dispatch is also an option.

Automatic bill entry

LTL freight forwarder software provides automated bill entry. This eliminates administrative labor and boosts freight forwarders’ profits. Automatic bill entry works with all types of bills. They are stored electronically, saving paper and space while keeping bills safe from being lost, stolen or destroyed.

Boosting profits with metrics

LTL freight forwarder software comes with built-in metrics programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze operations and discover areas where improvement can save costs or boost revenue. Management can run reports showing financial data for specific areas, such as labor costs. Reports can also be generated to show overall operations or drill down on very specific areas.

Accounting integration

LTL freight forwarder software also integrates with accounting software. Accounting departments benefit from this capability because they can access all financial data without switching back and forth between systems. Functions that can be integrated include invoicing, accounts payable, payroll, vehicle maintenance, driver settlement logs and claims.

Access segmentation

Integrated LTL freight forwarder software systems store vast troves of data. This allows for the AI processes that save so much time and labor as well as the metrics that help boost profitability. However, not everyone on the system should have access to all data sets. Segmenting access provides the needed security. For example, upper management would have access to high-level, company wide data while department managers may be limited to the data contained in their purview.

New technology continues to drive change across the freight forwarder industry. LTL freight forwarding provides no exception. The old days of sorting paper, making endless phone calls and exhausting efforts to track shipments are no more. LTL freight forwarder software makes it possible to automate many of the costly, laborious tasks. For that reason, LTL freight forwarder software provides immediate ROI. Today’s LTL business is as competitive as ever. Freight forwarder software provides the efficiencies needed to thrive in a crowded field.

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