Automation. Cloud computing. Data. Today’s newest freight forwarder software is specifically designed to leverage advances in all three to create an integrated system that boosts efficiencies, reduces costs and results in enhanced customer service. The tools these programs offer provide a comprehensive view of an entire transit operation. They are also intuitive, making it easy to integrate legacy systems and train staff.

With technology revolutionizing the freight industry, freight forwarders have a golden opportunity to utilize new tools to enhance operations.

What Tools Does Freight Forwarder Software Provide?

Sophisticated freight forwarder software provides logistics companies with multiple tools that enhance efficiency and drive productivity. Unlike the old days, tracking freight no longer requires endless legwork. With new freight forwarder software systems, customer can even track their own freight using integrated cloud-based systems.

As a result, freight forwarder employees are freed from the overwhelming number of little tasks that used to occupy large portions of their days. They can now focus on developing new business, creating more efficient networks and finding creative ways to reduce costs and transit times.

These advantages are made possible by freight forwarder tracking software that affords a macro view of a logistic company’s entire shipment portfolio, including all carriers. Contracted shipping rates are contained within the program, allowing for an automated process that selects the lowest cost carrier that can achieve transit targets.

Freight forwarders benefit from the ability to actively monitor inputs from employees, carriers and systems. These inputs provide the information needed to visually identify shipments on a single platform. Managers can view all their shipments and monitor progress at any time. When a shipment falls behind schedule, the system automatically alerts the freight forwarding company, allowing managers to take any necessary actions.

For example, freight forwarders can use the integrated software to identify shipments by trucks, including LTLs, in real-time. Managers can react quickly to prevent one delayed LTL from having a ripple effect on other shipments. If a truck is delayed, managers can immediately ascertain why, such as mechanical issues or inclement weather. Taking immediate action then forestalls other problems, increasing the company’s overall efficiency.

Freight Forwarder Software Tools Are Easy to Use, Even for the Less Tech Savvy

Well-designed freight forwarder software offers users an intuitive platform that makes adjusting to a new program painless, so the benefits of enhanced capabilities can be derived quickly. By choosing a software provider that delivers intuitive tools, freight forwarders can save on training costs and not tax their IT departments.

In addition to ease of operation, top-shelf freight forwarder software provides flexibility. This flexibility means that the new software can integrate with existing Transportation Management Systems, allowing for a seamless transition and keeping useful older data sets in one system with new inputs. Because freight forwarder software’s updated tools offer enhanced data analytics capabilities, that old data can be put to use in new ways that help streamline processes and enhance the bottom line.

Comprehensive Software Integration

Imagine a logistics solution that integrates domestic and international shipping data, warehousing and accounting systems in one cloud-based platform. By bringing these functions together, it becomes possible to gain a bird’s eye view of the entire operation. Because of this, management can apply data analysis tools across the entire company, providing insights that gain an edge over the competition.

Freight forwarder software also provides automated tools that eliminate labor intensive manual data entry, saving cost and freeing employees to engage in more productive tasks. Because the automated tools provide error free execution, data is assured to be accurate and no time needs to be spent fixing costly mistakes.

Cloud-Based Applications

In today’s fast-moving and dynamic business environment, companies need access to their data on the go, and freight forwarders are no exception. Today’s flexible logistics software provides access from anywhere because of cloud computing technology. The entire transit network can be viewed from anywhere in the world 24/7. Freight forwarders can remotely manage all types of freight, from trucking to sea to air to rail. The business world moves at an ever-increasing pace, and cloud-based freight forwarder software keeps logistics companies up to speed.

Keeping up with technological changes has become a key component of business models across the freight industry. Fright forwarder software integrates with legacy systems while providing the tools that increase efficiencies, save labor and improve customer service. By implementing cloud-based freight forwarder software, companies gain an edge on the competition and stay ahead of the technological curve.

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