Transportation management software, or TMS, is a software that connects and streamlines the internal and external processes of your logistics company. It can help you facilitate interactions between multiple systems while keeping you in contact with your carriers and shippers up and down the supply chain. All the work you do to keep your logistics company running should begin and end with great TMS software.

TMS software has a lot of tangible benefits. It can optimize route efficiency much more accurately and faster than you, collect vast amounts of data and provide reports and analysis on that data, make recommendations for financial planning, act as a network hub for your supply chain, provide unparalleled transparency during logistical processes, minimize loss and damage, and ultimately, save you a lot of money.

Below are some components to TMS systems that make it a strong option for logistics services.

The Cloud

Remember 10 years ago when we were all talking about the cloud? Well now everything is in the cloud and all that means is digital information is stored in shared digital space, rather than connected directly to on the ground hardware. Cloud based freight software saves you literal space and can save you money. You don’t have to host a server yourself which reduces overhead and capital investment and makes upgrades and maintenance extremely easy.

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and its close sibling machine learning are an important part of businesses today and that’s not going away any time soon. What AI and machine learning systems can do is perform tasks of complexity at speeds humans can match. It can analyze data for you and offer reporting, it can make operations a lot smoother and detect bugs, it can promote better safety and cybersecurity. Ultimately the AI and machine learning aspects of a transportation management system make it a huge boon for your company.

System Integration

You probably run your business on more than one system. So your hub needs to be able to integrate with those systems smoothly. TMS has this capability through API to ensure systems otherwise unrelated are talking to each other and passing along important information. This is a crucial benefit for a TMS system.

Related Questions

Is it complicated to implement?

TMS’s generally are fairly easy to implement as long as you’re working with a reputable software company that specializes in logistics and freight forwarding. Most are designed to be run pretty hands free to optimize your business without requiring a lot from you or your team. The advancements in software technology are constantly improving and implementation is smooth and timely.

What is the cost of a TMS?

Investing in TMS software for your freight forwarding business requires some consideration. Depending on the customized needs of your freight business, prices will vary. Like any good, customizable software, they can’t be bought at a brick and mortar store. The low end costs several thousand dollars while a robust system can run up as high as several hundred thousand. What you get and what you pay will depend on the size and needs of your business. Most software companies that specialize in freight forwarding offer a Free Demo so make sure to try it out.

Stay competitive and take your freight forwarding business to the next level overnight with organization, efficiency and communication. Talk to a freight forwarding software specialist today about getting your company up and running with a TMS.

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