In today’s technology driven world, updated software has become necessary to keep up with the competition. Savvy adoption of TMS software by freight forwarders gives them a leg up on competitors still mired in a system of outdated technology.

Change is inevitable, and top freight forwarders are using TMS software to gain the efficiencies that result in higher profits and enhanced service.

Cloud based freight forwarding software solutions

TMS software makes package tracking possible on any type of device, such as laptops and smartphones. This makes 24/7 visibility possible and ends the era when freight forwarders were tied to their desks in order to monitor freight movements. Freight never stops moving, so these capabilities make it possible to provide excellent customer services by expediting shipments and correcting errors instantly from anywhere.

In addition to creating more efficient workflows, freight forwarder software allows for faster shipping. Freight forwarder companies can use TMS software to better manage their negotiated shipping rates. Cloud-based TMS platforms show all facets of each order, including negotiated rates and shipment management information. In addition, integrating cloud-based platforms with legacy systems is not only seamless but also boosts ROI.

Advanced visualization options

Managing multiple carriers has always been a challenge. Advanced TPS software provides an overarching view of shipments across any number of carriers. Employees can manage shipments based on information received from carriers and even the National Weather Service. Transportation management is far more effective when employees can see shipments from all carriers on one interface.

For example, managers can use advanced freight forwarder software solutions to track truck shipments in real time, including LTL orders. Should a truck be delayed by a mechanical issue or unsafe weather conditions, employees know about it right away and can take immediate action to remedy the problem. A built-in warning system alerts freight forwarders whenever one of their shipments veers off track.

The same capabilities apply to rail, ocean and air freight. Freight forwarders can use the software to verify whether shipments have been transferred to the correct location and were picked up on time. Transportation managers can also see scanning and segment entry, package tracking and product information on the visual display.

Freight forwarder logistics software also makes file management more convenient and efficient, allowing documentation and vital information to be held securely in the cloud. Also, file management applications provide a user-friendly uploading experience. Items such as pictures, PDFs, insurance claims and bills of lading can be easily attached to appropriate files and stored for future access.

The storage and accessibility of this data provides extensive analytics opportunities, ranging from high-level reports to granular insights. Managers can find data on a wide variety of business concerns, including on-time delivery, carrier scorecards, carrier metrics and late delivery reports. These analytics show how the transportation network is functioning on a holistic level and what areas need improvement.

To help manage costs, freight forwarder accounting software offers the opportunity to gain an edge on the competition with cost analysis analytics. In the freight forwarding business, margins can be tight. Small increases in each shipment’s profitability adds up to the higher profits that allow for business expansion. Identifying the opportunities to generate higher profits makes the difference between high profitability and thin profit margins that endanger cash flow.

Access segmentation

TMS software requires access segmentation. Today’s software contains such vast amounts of data which is not all relevant to all users. By setting permissions, top-level executives gain access to the high-level data they need to make mission critical decisions without risking exposure of confidential data to unauthorized users. Other users can be given permissions to access needed information, such as accounting data. Transportation managers would have permissions to access real time shipping data.

TMS software provides unprecedented opportunities for real time tracking that enhances customer service. It also offers extensive data aggregation that helps find ways to boost efficiencies and cut costs. By employing TMS software, freight forwarders achieve nimble management of complex freight systems. Data analytics identifies opportunities to increase profits and trim costs. With advanced freight forwarder software at their disposal, logistics companies can improve processes to gain a competitive advantage and provide enhanced customer service.

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