TMS Software (Transportation Management Software) Enables Data-Driven Choices. Organizations that embrace transportation management software not only remain competitive, but strive! TMS software consists of several key elements including: decision making, execution, transportation and measurement. These toolsare able to increase efficiency and as a result, shipments are more streamlined and cost effective.

What is TMS software?

Providing better solutions while remaining competitive is increasingly challenging. Among several benefits, embracing modern TMS systems help logistics organizations save money and increase customer loyalty. Further, TMS software boosts efficiencies in countless ways, including the following: improving operations, optimizing shipments, managing resources, organizing documents, and more!

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How Can TMS Software Help Your Logistics Business?

Transportation Management software is essential to compete as it enables simultaneous activities to be completed without the need of additional administrative expenses. Satisfied customers will also increase as the software assures freight reaches its location quicker. For example, TMS software offers clients with automated notifications that assist them to monitor freight in real-time. Logistics companies additionally save precious time that can be directed towards other priorities. For instance, team members can concentrate on customer care and sales activities, instead of being bogged down with less important tasks.

Automation is a priority for every business as it enables individuals to concentrate on expansion. Additionally trading partners can automate the integration of IT systems with TMS software, while significantly decreasing miscommunication, mistakes, and saving time. In addition, TMS software eliminates the inconveniences of monitoring numerous trading partners because it provides for relationships to be managed in one system. To effectively manage growth in today’s environment, organizations must collect data to better understand what is working and what is in need of improvement.



TMS software offers freight forwarders the advantage to explore all aspects of your business and evaluate what improvements should be made. Additionally, TMS software allows the ability to delve into several aspects of corporate goals including: contract management, transportation management, regulatory compliance, fleet management, order management, and more.
Without robust TMS software, information storage and reporting is basically nonexistent. Transportation management software effortlessly stores important data, provides reports, and analytics tools which are simple to use. These tools provide for custom queries of historical data without expensive development. Furthermore, TMS software provides regular reporting of essential data that tracks shipping, transportation, and performance parameters. Freight forwarders additionally benefit access to historical data typically not otherwise available.
IT technology has greatly advanced over the years. For example, TMS software stores data and provides analytics tools on demand. While the transportation industry confronts rapid via technological advancements, companies that adjust and use TMS software to enhance all facets of their business significantly benefit from increased profitability.


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“CSA is an integral partner in the success of NGT. CSA goes above and beyond the call of duty and hones in on what our needs are in order to keep us running smoothly. We look forward to a long and continued relationship with CSA!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does CSA Software offer?

CSA Software provides Cloud-based, end to end freight management software solutions that run every aspect of a domestic or international freight business utilizing the latest in Microsoft technologies. See our “Products” page for a complete list.

So why should we do business with CSA Software?

Because not only do we offer the best product in the industry – we also care about our relationships. We have assisted many of our customers above and beyond the call of duty and helped them through difficult times. We have helped a number of start up organizations find their place in the industry. We are as concerned with the relationship as much as we are the product. Our customers know that we have their back! That is what makes us different.

How do your products compare to those from other freight forwarding software providers?

CSA Software’s resources and capabilities allow us to have the competitive advantage over our competitors. Not only do we have over 35 years of freight forwarding software development experience, but our customer base, and our industry experienced staff’s knowledge allow us to stay on the forefront of the transportation industry trends. The combination of cutting edge technical and industry expertise makes our software much more powerful than our competitors.

How often do you release new items?

We have major releases every 12-18 months with other updates provided several times yearly.

As a current user, do I receive updates of the CSA Products?

All customers receive updates in addition to the telephone and electronic customer support provided.

What interfaces do you provide with other vendors?

CSA’s software has multiple electronic interfaces (see add on interfaces page), that will help you easily communicate with your trading partners and thus speed productivity and shipment transit time. With CSA’s Cloud- based technology, we can easily develop any additional interfaces that you may require.

How long have you been around?

Over 35 years.

Who are your customers?

CSA’s customers range in size from one to several hundred users. Our customers are experts in all areas of the transportation and logistics industry, from domestic and international freight forwarding, to warehousing and total logistics.

I think I might have previously used CSA’s older version, Air-Trak. What’s different about your new product World Trak?

First of all, the technology utilized to develop World-Trak is completely different. It is state of the art Cloud-based technology. Because it is Cloud-based, the hardware and software requirements are much less costly. In fact, the technology is so flexible, that we can easily offer you the ability to install it on your own server, or on the “cloud”, whichever makes more sense for you.

World-Trak was a complete re-design from start to finish. We took a long look at our popular Air-Trak product and asked ourselves how we could make it even better. World-Trak truly offers a simple, but effective way to handle all modes of transportation for your clients.

World-Trak takes a big step forward when it comes to handling ground shipments. If you were using Air-Trak you might have found it somewhat difficult to handle LTL and Truckload transactions. World-Trak offers a state-of-the art LTL rating and booking engine, a fully functional Truckload Brokerage system and an extensive International system in addition to the domestic freight forwarding functionality you have relied on for years.

What is the learning curve to use World-Trak?

CSA Software is intended to be very easy to use, because our founder, Chuck Schubert, found other software providers’ solutions to be exceedingly complex and difficult to use. It is a very unique blend of ease of use and technical functionality. .Some customers have told us they are up and running with CSA in a matter of days or even less out of the box once training is completed.

What kind of customer support do you offer?

First of all, our support team is a highly capable group who care deeply about our customers. They provide in-depth and personalized customer support, which sets us apart from the typical software company. Our in-house designers and specialists spend a significant amount of time working with customers to maximize the capabilities of CSA Software Products for their unique usage. We also have, over the years, used input from customers to shape new versions and capabilities of our software.

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