The world is changing every day, we learned in 2020 just how quickly much of it could. So how can you stay ahead of the changes in 2021 as a freight forwarder? By learning from the past and researching the trends headed our way in the industry.

Digitization is perhaps the single most important trend in freight forwarding.

This isn’t new, but it’s only getting more important as we saw demand disruption wreak havoc last year. The important thing is knowing what to digitize, what to automate, and what parts of your company to outsource in order to save yourself money and time.

Below are the top 5 trends in freight forwarding in 2021.

Continued Digitization

The digital transformation hasn’t stopped since it first started. Traditional freight bookings and other aspects of the business are being incredibly digitized and if you’ve resisted it to this point, it’s a mistake. Plenty of software and agencies exist to help you get your system fully digitized and integrated into the age of information. But that’s not where the tech revolution ends.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t just something for movies, it’s real and a bit more mundane than movies make it seem but it can be hugely beneficial to your business. Artificial intelligence can optimize a lot and see problems you didn’t even think to look for. It can provide better forecasting, price optimization, and make decisions based on more information than any one of your employees could sift through in a day. Getting on board with AI and the professionals who will run it for you is important.

The Importance of APIs

An API is an application program interface that serves as the middle person between two applications that were not originally designed to talk to each other. This is how websites operate, pulling data from company’s private servers to display ecommerce data or real time information about a company. In your case, it can make bookings more accurate, space and schedule data up to date, and provide real time tracking.

Outsourcing ecommerce

Not everything needs to be in house and ecommerce is one of the best things to outsource to save some money and optimize the work. You can face financial, technical, and marketing problems by handling your own ecommerce.


With the continued rise of technology comes the continued danger of cyber-attacks. Hackers, malware, and bots can infiltrate your systems and go mining for data. It can cost hundreds of millions if the wrong people get their hands on the right stuff. You need to invest in cybersecurity and make sure your system is secure.

How will COVID-19 affect this?

The biggest threat COVID-19 poses are the disruptions in demand and bottlenecking in shipments. This is something to keep an eye on.

How can I get started?

Consulting with a freight forwarder software company is the best place to start to implement some of the above-mentioned trends and tools. Talk to an expert in freight forwarding logistical software today and get ahead of the upcoming trends this year!

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