Expectations are high in a 21st-century tech-driven world – and the freight industry is not immune to an increased demand for convenience, automation, and transparency. To stay relevant and reliable, your business needs warehouse management software. And not just any software, but a system that integrates seamlessly with existing tech and offers real-time updates.

So how does WMS-Trak benefit warehouse management for freight forwarders?

Let’s break down the value that software systems like WMS-Trak add to your operation. From customer service to automated invoicing and client management, there’s no doubt top-notch software can improve efficiencies and save your service from outdated best practices.

Basic Customer Service

If there’s anything that’s integral to the foundation of your freight forwarding business, it’s customer service. Client satisfaction can make or break your reputation and, as you’re well aware, modern clients expect full transparency, visibility, and real-time updates. WMS-Trak can provide customers with that visibility.

With WMS-Trak’s customer portal, your customers have full and instant access to inventory reports and shipping requests. The customer portal allows clients and management to view the full lineup of customer inventory including what’s available now and what will be available later. Not only does this enhance customer experience, but it also relieves you or your customer support line of unnecessary inquiries. Overall, the visibility this portal provides boosts client trust and allows customers to feel a sense of control over their inventory.

Electronic Data Interchange

In the same vein, EDI has become essential for staying competitive in the freight forwarding industry. Customers demand high EDI connectivity. Luckily, WMS-Trak, as well as other CSA software options, can provide the EDI connectivity that’s needed to satisfy customers and compete with big business.

WMS-Trak comes with EDI sets for purchase orders, inventory setup, inventory reconciliation, receiving reports, and shipping reports. Keep your customers up-to-date and your workflow efficient with tech that’s ruling the industry.

Increased Efficiency

When you have multiple clients across multiple warehouses, tracking day-to-day movements can become complex and confusing. WMS-Trak allows you to manage multiple clients across those multiple warehouses with ease so you’re not scrambling for contacts or losing track of important client information.

WMS-Trak also cuts down on tedious invoice management. With WMS-Trak, customer invoicing is automated so you can spend your time managing big-picture decisions rather than handling time-sucking details (or hiring someone to handle them for you).

Most importantly, WMS-Trak helps you organize work and quickly align resources to meet customer needs. Everything is organized in one transparent place so you can work smarter and increase overall transparency.


Aside from increasing the efficiency of your business operation, WMS-Trak is downright convenient. Warehouse management software like WMS-Trak makes your life easier so you can focus on running a successful business without getting bogged down by details.

For instance, WMS-Trak scans inventory barcodes and even integrates into the World-Trak TMS system. Your transition into warehouse management tech should feel seamless with no steep learning curve, upfront setup, or thick manual to wade through.

Reconcile Inventory

Managing inventory is the crux of your warehouse business. WMS-Trak can help you stay organized and on top of your inventory by helping to reconcile inventory and cycle count for verification down to the SKU level.

In Summary

If you’re willing to adapt, your freight business will survive. Let software like WMS-Trak help you survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive space driven by devices, online transactions, and 24-7 customer support.

For 35+ years, CSA Software has been offering full-service software solutions for freight forwarders around the world. We are continuously improving our products so that the freight forwarding industry can continue to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

Our products include World-Trak, Web-Trak, LTL-Trak and more. WMS-Trak will afford you to stay agile and on top of your warehouse business.

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