Are you looking to bring your business into the 21st century? Are you struggling to convince a higher-up stuck in their ways that outdated systems need a technical upgrade? We understand the need to stay competitive and cutting-edge in industries like the freight business. The world moves fast and it’s your responsibility to improve processes and scale up, even if it means having a tough conversation with a tech non-believer.

So how exactly can freight forwarding software help with freight management?

We’ve outlined the benefits of implementing top-notch freight forwarding software systems to boost your business and convince that stubborn colleague who lives on a pager and a prayer. While the freight business is old-school, your processes and software systems shouldn’t be.


As a freight manager, your job is to improve the processes around you in order to increase efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, profit. If you ask the best of the best, the wealthiest of the wealthy, the businessmen who grace Forbes and Business Insider, they’ll all say automation is inevitable and imperative for long-term growth.

Freight forwarding software automates processes such as data entry, quoting, billing, and other accounting functions. By automating tasks, you’re allowing yourself and team members the time to focus on other elements imperative for growth and big-picture strategy like international expansion, marketing, relationship-building, and customer service.

Automation allows you to quickly scale busywork tasks and increase the rate at which your business grows. Not to mention, automation and artificial intelligence eliminate the risk of human error, improving the quality of work that your business produces and adding an extra layer of insurance.

Doing Your Job Shouldn’t Be A Challenge

In this day-in-age, we’re all on-the-go. With fewer and fewer of us working in traditional offices and the hours we spend in transit increasing every year, access to Wi-Fi should be the only requirement for a workspace. Luckily, with the help of freight forwarding software systems, your office just grew wheels. With products like World-Trak, track shipments from a laptop, iPad, or even your smartphone.

Don’t limit productivity. Increase it with software products that make reports and invoices accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device!

Analytics Make the World (And Your Wallet) Go Round

As a freight manager, you’ve got a lot of important decisions to make each and every day. Software that provides digestible and real-time analytics helps you understand what’s helping your bottom line and what’s eating into profit so you can make the best decisions for your business. Track reports on shipping delivery speeds to understand what’s causing delays and compare vendor reports to make the best choice for future shipments. With clear data pulled from spending reports, managers can make cost-cutting decisions with confidence.

Related Questions

What If I’m Not Tech Savvy?

While software systems are comprehensive enough to serve multi-office, global organizations, they’re also user-friendly enough to serve those without an extensive technical background or smaller organizations with limited IT support.

Software companies also handle nitty-gritty pains like security, backups, and upgrades so you can stay focused on your business 24-7.

What If My Budget is Tight?

Implementing software doesn’t have to break your bank. In fact, because software scales your business and increases both productivity and efficiency, software often pays for itself. Products like World-Trak are also cloud-based and therefore less costly to install and maintain.


As a freight management professional, you handle a lot. Let transportation management software systems take a load off so you can focus on big picture strategy. Automate busywork, encourage productivity with tools accessible everywhere, and make smarter business decisions with eye-opening analytics.

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