So, what freight forwarder software is right for your company?

There are many choices. Freight forwarder software is driving change in the transportation industry, resulting in increased automation, helpful analytics, and increased profits. Technology can now expedite orders and handle freight forwarder tasks on the road, ocean, rail, and air.

Deciding on a freight forwarder software provider is a key business decision.

Some offer out-of-the-box solutions and others are customizable. Customizable solutions allow for advanced integration with current IT infrastructure, while out-of-the-box solutions provide quick solutions that rival the competition’s right away.

When considering a software solution, it’s important to understand what transportation modes the software handles the best, invoicing capabilities, quotation capabilities and automation, customizability, and analytics options.

Transportation Mode Capabilities

Freight forwarder software systems are built for specific transportation modes, such as air, ocean, truck, and LTL. Some solutions are geared for one transportation mode, while others can handle multiple modes.

The transportation mode capabilities of the software drastically affects the price. Companies that work with many transportation modes need the more expensive multi-capable software, while those engaged in one transportation mode can use less costly software.

Free Trials

Many technology companies offer a freight forwarder software free trial. Trials allow your IT department to test the software’s ability to integrate with existing IT infrastructure. In addition, they make it possible to verify the software’s impacts on the business, such as analytics strategies, increased order speed, and automated quotations.

Invoice Capabilities

Invoice capabilities get your company paid. They are also cost intensive-until now.

The ability to automate invoice processes allow for labor savings and enhanced efficiency. Freight forwarder software makes this automation possible, in addition to the capability to store historical invoices.

Freight forwarder software integrates well with accounting software, providing capabilities to mark paid invoices, create receipts and track aging invoices. Even collections activity can be automated, freeing the accounting department to focus more on enhancing efficiency rather than on chasing unpaid invoices.

Consider the Ease of Quote Creation

Quoting has traditionally been one of the most labor-intensive functions. Often, this results in slow responsiveness to requests for quotation that cost business. Quoting is a necessity, but now it can be automated. With automated quote creation, your customers can receive their quotes right from their own integrated software infrastructure. Many applications include email templates that customers can use to receive a quote and place their orders in minutes.


Freight forwarder software providers offer various levels of customization. Some are inexpensive but offer fewer options, while more customizable applications are available, including sophisticated solutions that can be built to spec.

For instance, some plans offer customizable data entry. Designers can add, remove, or reposition fields. In addition, rules for mandatory fields can be custom programmed, and unique email templates can be used to build branding or create uniform content.

Data Analytics

Data analytics powers businesses through insights that were once impossible to visualize. For example, freight forwarder software uses artificial intelligence to analyze the profitability of individual orders and departments. This information helps streamline operations, increase revenues, and identify unnecessary cost centers. Upper management gets a high-altitude view of the business, which helps it create expansion plans.

Analytics tools range from basic to advanced. Even the most basic program should include profit analysis for shipments and at the overall company level. More advanced software also offers profit/loss figures by service type. In addition, state-of-the art freight forwarder software, provides analytics of shipping costs and identifies savings measures.

Many customizable solutions automatically update profit/loss statements. They also track international shipping prices across the globe.

Many providers also allow a free trial with the option to provide change plan levels according to needs.

Freight forwarder software has a large impact on the freight forwarder industry. By automating many formerly labor-intensive tasks, it has allowed freight forwarders to cut costs, boost revenues and achieve higher profits. With automation, those possessing the top freight forwarder gain efficiency advantages over competitors who fail to implement the higher tech solutions. Choosing the right provider takes time and research. By understanding each product’s features, benefits and drawbacks, it is possible to integrate them into company’s operations with maximal impact.

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