If 2020 boosted anything, it was e-commerce. Even as quarantine days finally feel numbered, clients and everyday consumers are increasingly looking online to shop, pay bills, and run businesses. In fact, many Americans are even turning to telehealth appointments over traditional doctor’s visits. No industry is safe when it comes to computers, and certainly not a global freight forwarding business.

So, in an increasingly digitized world, where does that leave freight forwarding platforms?

Moving online has never been more essential to surviving in the freight forwarding industry. And it’s not just your customers who experience the quick convenience of an online transaction. From smoother workflow to better customer service, we’re proving why building beyond a simple website must be your next business move. Your income statement (and your sanity) will thank us.

Meet People Where They Are

We can’t escape e-commerce. Even tiny businesses have online payment options and Facebook pages filled with contact information and customer reviews. By staying offline, you’re ignoring a massive (if not majority) consumer base who prefers digital transactions. Not to mention, users are searching for providers using search engines and social media rather than yellow pages in a 500-pound phone book. Moving online helps your business stay at the fingertips of your audience and clientele.

Real-Time Tracking

Having an online platform for your employees and your clients doubles as company insurance. How? Software services allow clients to mark if shipments are fragile or timely or hazardous. While these details are often lost in a paper trail, automation ensures shipping preferences and client information is trackable and always saved. Should anything go awry, you’ve got original details online to reference. Providing details upfront also helps ensure packaging is delivered safely and securely based on the information filed.

Optimize Workflow

Online services also allow clients to track shipments in real-time. If you have a customer service arm, chances are most inquiries are about shipment updates. Frequent inquiries can quickly create a bottleneck for your client-facing support team. And sometimes, that team is just you.

So creating a place where clients can quickly find answers to their burning shipping questions makes your life easier in addition to the lives of your curious clients. And given that customer service is the backbone of every freight forwarding business, an accessible client portal will always save you more than cutting corners and avoiding software altogether.

Make Sure the Price Is Right

Great software automates tedious work like invoicing. But convenience is just part of the digital package. Whether you’re a merchant or a customer, understanding how much a package will cost based on company policies regarding weight and size and hazardous material is essential, especially when quickly comparing options.

Given our fast-paced world, most won’t wait for a customer service line to pick up when they’re looking for answers to timely cost questions. So having a software system that allows users to type in shipping information and receive an accurate price estimate separates you from the stiff (and likely also automated) competition. Make things easier for yourself and your clients with automated estimates.

Living in the (i)Clouds

It’s no secret that freight forwarding is a global business. And when your clients are everywhere, you (and clients) should have access to your business everywhere. Having on-the-go access to your clients and their shipments helps you stay on top of workflow, invoicing, and everything else timely. Don’t let old-fashioned filing cabinets in your locked office three miles away stop you from doing the work you need to do, when you need to do it.


Running a strong marketing campaign or launching a promising product is all about hitting people with the right messaging in the right place at the right time. As we enter 2021 and beyond, the right place is online. To stay competitive in this increasingly competitive industry, going digital is no longer optional, it’s necessary for growth and, frankly, survival.

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