The rise of automation has changed business around the world. Where businesses once had to rely on the labor of large administrative staffs, now they can automate many formerly time-consuming processes, saving on labor costs and boosting efficiencies. In the freight forwarder business, transportation management software has given its adopters a unique advantage that enhances customer satisfaction while boosting profit margins.

How has TMS Software revolutionized the freight forwarder business?

The transportation management industry has relied on copious amounts of manual logistics management, requiring endless phone calls, tons of paperwork and lots of expense for the company. The advent of software automation is changing this paradigm, making it possible for companies to manage their transportation systems through artificial intelligence. As a result, they cut overhead, reduce taxing workloads on employees and improve customer satisfaction.

For example, in the old days, logistics people had to arrange for their cargo to be placed on a ship and then wait for a letter confirming it was received. With TMS software, they have real time visibility of the movements of goods across the entire supply chain. In addition to visibility, TMS software also displays what is being done with the cargo and even the temperatures of the storage areas. Because of this high-precision capability, logistics coordinators can make decisions based on data that shows real time conditions, such as weather, supply and demand. This achieves improved efficiency, reliability and lower costs.

Efficiency gains and cost reductions are also achieved through TMS software’s ability to reduce error rates, replace slow manual operations with rocket fast AI and link supply with demand. As a result, TMS software has provided the logistics industry with brand new advantages, including the following:

• Very low prices at major retailers like Walmart
• Same day shipping of almost any product from ecommerce companies like Amazon
• Ridesharing companies that offer low cost, on-demand transportation
• Coconut water from Thailand that is sold half a world away

TMS software has been a game changer. To benefit most from its capabilities, freight forwarders need to source from an industry leader. CSA offers the latest technology at affordable prices, guaranteeing that clients businesses get more efficient and profitable.


CSA offers best-in-class design with its cloud-based World-Trak software system. The software is designed to assist domestic and international freight forwarders, freight management companies and logistical organizations. World-Trak offers clients an option that integrates fully with existing systems, providing automated solutions for both operational and accounting functions.

World-Trak provides versatility, with the ability to manage all types of logistics, including the following:

• Air freight
• Cartage
• Ocean freight
• Import/Export
• Expedited Ground
• Truckload brokerage,
• Linehaul
• Rail

The software automates processes from quoting to billing, saving freight forwarders copious amounts of administrative work while ensuring that shipments remain on schedule. If a problem with a shipment arises, the real time monitoring software alerts management, who can take steps to correct the problem.

CSA developed World-Trak freight forwarding software through Microsoft’s .Net technology, making it 100% cloud-based. World-Trak clients can opt for hosting off premise or internally. Smaller companies with little IT departments and no experience with cloud-based cyber security are usually better off hiring an IT company to host their server. This assures that security is topflight and prevents disruptions caused by errors on the part of inexperienced users.

Ease of Use

One of the best features of World-Trak is the ease of use. The process of adding new users is very simple, even for the non-technical. The software runs on any web browser and can be deployed on tablets and smartphones, allowing for logistics managers to connect with real-time data from anywhere.

Accounting With WORLD-TRAK

World-Trak is built for integration between accounting software systems and operational systems. As a result, data can be transferred with the click of a button. Managers then have not just real-time views of freight networks, they also see financial data in real time. In addition to the advantage of automating accounting functions, management also benefits from real-time financial data collection, which provides opportunities to identify strategies for profitability enhancement.

World-Trak by CSA gives freight forwarders the strategic advantages they need. By deploying World-Trak, clients streamline their operational processes and offer their clients a superior customer experience. By helping them become leaner and more efficient, World-Trak software makes CSA clients competitive and highly profitable.

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